Creating intentional ‘one on one’ play experiences with each of our children which sometimes isn’t an easy task…because finding the time, patience, space, assistance or even the right activity (remember it doesn’t need to be fancy or for hours) or resources is difficult. 
For those that are looking for some fresh ideas on what to do when you have that all important ‘one on one time’ with your children, check out these 10 great play date ideas for you to do with your sons/daughters. 

1. VOLUNTEER TOGETHER-google search local charities and find one that is of interest. Eg. working all the local library, meals for the homeless, soldier care package, walk dogs from the local shelter. 

2. PARK-visit the parks in your local area or make a trip further afield to a park you have heard rave reviews about. 

3. BUILD-use the blocks, Lego, duplicate, electronics you have and build together. 

4. COOK-let your child pick a recipe, visit the grocery store together and cook together. 

5. READ-let your child pick out a book or several and read them together. Perhaps you have a book that also has a movie and you can watch that after or at a later date. 

6. BOARD GAME-let your child choose a board game either from the home collection or the store and play it together. 

7. BACKYARD ADVENTURE-look for bugs, admire nature, role play a story, create a treasure hunt, obstacle course or all of these to complete together. 

8. STARGAZE-set up a tent, sleeping bag, thermos for hot chocolate drinks and lay down and look at the stars and constellations. 

9. WALK-go for a walk around the neighbourhood or a local walking track venue and catch up-you may even be able to squeeze in a pit stop for a snack.

10. BIKE RIDE-own bikes or near a place that hires out bikes-go for a bike ride together. A great way to check out the sights and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Who has a system/plan in place that allows them to spend one on one time with each of their children? How do you fit it in your schedule? What activities do you do? I’d love to hear from you guys-leave a comment