Play dates are a great way for little ones to develop their social skills and a fabulous opportunity for you to connect with other Mums. Today I’m sharing 6 play activities that are designed to engage the senses, bring an element of fun to the traditional play date and give you enough time to chat with the other Mum/s. 

1. Get crafty
Provide children with a structured craft activity such as these paper plate crafts or a variety of open ended mediums such as collage papers, fabrics, glue, stickers, pipe cleaners, cardboard cut outs, markers, pencils, pastels, nature and recycled materials for the children to create their own artistic masterpiece. We love using these divider trays to hold our craft supplies. 

2. Outdoor Play
Create an obstacle course with the outdoor toys eg. Quoits, balls, cubby house, skipping ropes, hula hoops, sand and water tables and any other outdoor equipment you can incorporate. Show children which direction to head in and use a whistle for go and stop.

Alternatively, set up a large blank canvases with pain, paintshirts and brushes and/or sponges. 

Or go on a nature hunt with magnifying glasses. 

3. Movie Marathon
Pending the age of the children a movie marathon may just be the perfect solution to a play date when stuck indoors. Prepare a few snacks ahead of time and set up the ultimate movie theatre experience in your very own loungeroom. 

4. Playdough
Playdough can either be store bought or homemade-check out our favourite recipe here. Provide children with a few different colours of Playdough along with some accessories for children to create to their hearts content. 

5. Dress up box
Create an invitation to play by placing a few select pieces in a fun and exciting way. Encourage children to dress up as their favourite characters or animals. We love this set up from ?

6. Balloons
This is one of the easiest and simplest fun play date activities to prepare. Why, because it can be prepared ahead of time, is budget friendly and takes a few mins. 

What do you do to jazz up a play date?