Small world play is an all time favourite here at //celebrateplay// HQ. We love using our imagination, recreating places we have visited and enjoy the conversation it encourages. Here are our top 5 favourite themes:

1. FARM/ZOO//- We love visiting and creating the farm. We use our Little People barn and accessories along with the animal figurines on a piece of fake grass from Bunnings.

2. UNDER THE SEA// Visiting the beach and aquariums are activities we enjoy. We recreate these experiences with bath toys, animal figurines, blue and yellow fabric, felt set pieces, towels, plants and pebbles.

3. JUNGLE/BUSH/WOODS// This small world is created with a variety of animal figurines, wooden pieces, plants and the fake grass floormat.

4. CITY & TRANSPORT ZONE// Living in a city like Sydney, there is always the hustle and bustle with everyday experiences. We recreate this scene with wooden cityscape blocks, people figurines, cars, planes, trains, Kmart road tape, Little People skyway and plants.

5. HORSE STABLES// This small world is created with the fake grass mat, horse toys in a variety of sizes, horse accessories such as saddles, bridles, buckets, brushes, jackets and large dolls.

Have a small world play set up to share with us – we would love to see it.