Concentration in young children is a skill that needs to be taught, nurtured and encouraged. Today I am sharing some ideas to help strengthen concentration and ways to encourage our little learners to feel a sense of accomplishment.

•Chunk big tasks into smaller tasks-great strategy for completing homework
•Set tasks according to child’s maturity level-great strategy when introducing chores to little ones
•Minimise distractions
•Set goals-encouraging children to set realistic goals is great for their emotional development…aim to create a sense of accomplishment.
•Race the clock-we use online timers. Our favourite is the rocket timer
•Memory Games-snap, memory, what’s in the box
•Avoid overscheduling-a tough one but works wonders if you get the chance to go back to basics. Stay tuned for an upcoming post about this.

Feeling a sense of accomplishment is something we all love because it gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling, increases motivation, provides a sense of direction and is simply great for the soul. Encouraging our little learners to feel a sense of accomplishment when they have achieved something is important for theircdevelopment. Here are some ways to encourage a sense of accomplishment.

Bucket Filling-intrinsic system focusing on social and emotional well being.

•Verbal praise-letting your child/children know about their achievement or other achievements by praising them and talking about how you and they feel.

•Incentive Charts-are a useful tool to help introduce a sense of accomplishment with our little learners. There are a variety of ways to use an incentive chart which will vary from child to child and family to family and as with most things, it is important to choose a system that works best for you and your family.

What do you use at home that builds concentration and develops a sense of accomplishment?