LOST//MOJO – if found, please return with a super big dose of BOSS MUMMA awesomeness.
…so, we all have days where we feel like we have lost our sparkle? The days where we don’t feel like we’re bursting with energy and/or even ready to tackle the day with gusto…which is tough going when you are a Mumma of early learners because guess what…they ARE ready to start their day and with *oodles* of enthusiasm. And most of all they are ready to play the day away.
…so, how can we find that play mojo in order to join in their fun. Here are our top 10 tips: some of these are quick fixes, some are temporary solutions whilst others are stepping stones to creating a more permanent line of high energy mojo. Finding what works for you as always is key.
1.SUNSHINE – one of the many few things in life that is free. Found in your home, in your yard, down the street, at the park…yep it is pretty much everywhere even on those dark and gloomy days, albeit, harder to enjoy it in the rain. Research says heading outdoors for 20mins a day restores vitality and allows the body to elevate its sense of wellness.

2. AIR – much like sunlight, it is readily available in every space around us. The more oxygen in the body, the more energy we create. So breathing in the air is bound to help find the missing mojo. Head on outdoors with your little learners, play I spy, collect nature, stop by the park, go for a walk, watch the clouds or read books.

3. SLEEP – so this is a tricky one because we all love to enjoy those late hours when it is just us…the silence is golden, right? I hear you. And to enjoy that time, is to be giving up on some sleep. However, we all know how much better we feel after a night of sound sleep…we almost spring out of bed feeling rested, restored, revitalised and ready to take on a day of play with the little learners. Finding a balance that works for you is key.

“Some days, she has no idea how she’ll do it. But every single day, it still gets done”. Unknown

4. LAUGHTER – so we have most likely heard the phrase ‘laughter is the best medicine’. And it is something we can apply when we have lost our mojo. Instead of feeling frustrated, disappointed or even angry, if we laughed we would feel so much better , allowing us to move forward. I have recently heard about laughing circles, where people meet in a group and just laugh as a form of therapy. Sounds like fun.

5. QUOTES/AFFIRMATIONS/MANTRAS – we love a good old quote. They keep us feeling motivated and focused on the bigger picture here at celebrateplay HQ. They are great for when you are feeling a tad lost and need some direction and some people even find that the affirmations and mantras help them find their calm, their place of zen…who wouldn’t want to be there.

6. MUSIC – is something I think most people love right around the world. Putting on your favourite tunes to sing or dance is a great way to shake of your current mood, pick up a new happy one and apply it the tasks ahead.

Good Vibes Only

7. EXERCISE – this is not always possible but it is amazing just how quickly your body feels re-energised after some exercise. Almost creating a sense of clarity. Two of our favourite exercises to do with the little ones along side is tabata training using a tabata timer with the little ones on the hunt for certain items called out by me between the tabata timer beeps and the exercise reps. The other activity is obstacle courses – setting up a few stations with outdoor equipment to create a course.

8. CHANGE – this is a biggie and deep dives to sooo many levels – change your attitude, change your view, change your priorities, change your patterns, change your relationships to find the things that make you happy, lift and inspire you.

9. STORYTELLING – my little ones absolutely LOVE hearing stories of when I was young-from my first pet, to my first job, to what my pets did, to what we or their grandparents played with and learnt as children (yep, they still can’t believe telephones had cords with finger dials, TV was black and white, or buying from a corner shop where lollies were 1c or 2c each).

10. WRITE A LIST – this is one of the greatest organisational strategies to tackle lack of play inspiration…eg. follow a weekly theme, plan for play and set up each day/night. By having a plan in place, you can feel positive, calm, inspired and enjoy play with your learners. Hang out here with me for abit longer and you will learn more about this…play planning is our jam! Check out these planning tools we use.

11. GRATITUDE JOURNAL – by thinking and even recording what you feel thankful for is a great way to reflect on your life. It’s an opportunity to celebrate, recognise achievements and share the wins which are all ways to lift the mojo.

What works for you? How do you find your MOJO?