Are you ready to boost daily PLAY?
Project PLAY is a newly established digital membership featuring a years worth of daily PLAY Ideas (aka The daily PLAY Plans) for Mums of toddlers & preschoolers so they can engage in PLAY together each and everyday without feeling the stress of finding an idea!
Each PLAY Idea is super simple to set up and uses resources (mostly) already found in your home!
Not only is there the daily PLAY Ideas there is also a working journal/eBook for Mums to jot down their goals, achievements and reflections of their PLAY journey…making it a great keepsake for years to come…supporting the building of a lifelong legacy of PLAY!
And there is a daily PLAY Planner to support Mums in planning their day/s ahead ensuring PLAY is at the forefront alongside the other daily tasks we undertake each day.
Design is a plan for arranging elements in a way that best accomplishes a particular purpose – Charles Eames
I believe that with forethought, a written plan and taking action one day at a time (little by little) we can create a life by design and build a lifelong legacy of PLAY for our little learners to enjoy now and for the future generations of little learners yet to come.
Members are provided with the opportunity to join a FB community where they can join in monthly masterclasses (focusing on one of the PLAY Ideas found in The Daily PLAY Plans), question and answer sessions and connect with like minded Mums that will be cheering them on from the sidelines. Together we can totally rock the Motherhood PLAY gig.
Then there is the PLAY Portal where you have access to the replays of the masterclasses & question and answer sessions (incase you missed them at the time), The Daily PLAY Plans (for all months), mini lessons (self paced learnings), Project Packs (resources to print and use in the home during PLAY) and Bonuses (extra learnings).
Don’t forget to PLAY – celebratePLAY
One of the best parts of this membership is it is a growing bundle with new trainings, support and resources being added regularly…all aimed at supporting you in taking the best next step in
your PLAY journey. I can’t wait for YOU to see what Project PLAY has to offer.
Doors are not always open to Project PLAY – in fact they only open 3 times a year. In the in between seasons – you can join the waitlist and gain early access when doors open next.
When doors are open – you can join the membership and receive all the learnings as soon as you create your account. Not only do you access the current months trainings, but you also receive the previous months too.
You’re absolutely ready for this!!

                                         Happy PLAYing!!

                                                                    Erin xx