One of the common challenges shared by my PLAY community is keeping up with their little ones desire for new activities each day [several times a day]. 

Now I hear you because I too have been in this very same position and sometimes still can be! 

Our littles are ready to start the day with PLAY…they are full of energy. We are too, but, quickly lose it trying to keep up with the change of activities every 10minutes or so! This need/want for lots of activities throughout the day can often leads to us, Mummas feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and simply tired. 

It was from this, that I created the daily PLAY Planner. A paper planning system that saw me bringing greater intention to my days as a Mum wanting to have more “meaningful” PLAY in the home that I could create with ease, simplicity, fit in my PLAYspace and could be set up in realistic pockets of time…the time, I had, without not doing the other tasks on the to do list. It was a system that gave me time to do the things that mattered most to me! 

This then moved into the creation of other systems best known as Daily Activity Tubs, Play Based Learning Stations, daily 5 am/pm and a strategy we named NEW DAY = NEW PLAY BUT NOT IN A FANCY WAY!!

Today I wanted to talk specifically about the strategy of NEW DAY = NEW PLAY BUT NOT IN A FANCY WAY, because this strategy, is one that will help you reduce the heaviness of the play workload you may be feeling. 

It is a strategy, we created that involves tweaking a learning experience and/or PLAYspace to boost engagement and lift the mood. As in changing only a few things to offer a new or different learning experience. 

The many different set ups…adding, swapping, removing items to create new play each day. 

It doesn’t need to be fancy, challenging or elaborate to extend and bring new learning. Nor does it require alot of time. 

Take a look at these pics…grab a piece of paper + a pen and list the spotted differences between them. You will notice sone things have been moved around, removed, added and/or swapped.  

And it is as simple as this…ultimately creating new play, high engagement and something that can be done multiple times a day to keep up with your littles.

I hope this strategy helps you in your PLAY journey and be sure to tag me in your creations using this strategy…I would love to see and hear how it works for you. 

Erin xx


P.S. For abit of extra fun  – let me know what changes you found – hit the reply button and let me know!