Project Play is coming soon!!

Learn to boost PLAY in the home by using The Daily PLAY Plans whilst building a long lasting legacy of PLAY with your little learners that is worth celebrating!!

Doors to Project PLAY are closed at the moment.

Join the waiting list below to be first to know when doors open.


Miss B

Erin is truly amazing and I have reached out to her on many occasions if I ever feel overwhelmed or not sure of something. I feel her work is more unique compared to other things I have seen. Especially with being in isolation at the moment, Erin’s hard work has certainly been utilised far more. Not only does she help with littlies, she is hands on with making us adults more oraganised to help prepare for our coming days ahead. Anyone with children would most definitely get something from this wonderful page/website. 


Miss B

I am so happy I stumbled across celebratePLAY. I’m a mumma of a five year old and my biggest fear is not providing the right tools and engagement with my child. I just so happened to see celebratePLAY on Facebook and was instantly inspired by all the great ideas and actvities loisted. I looked further into celebratePLAY pages and have learnt so much along the way. 


Miss C

I just get a sense of calm and I think, this is possible!

Miss K

Gosh you are soo special for sharing your knowledge. So many children will play because your inspiring so many families to be proactive and involved in play.

Miss S

Joining this page has been absolutely fantastic – the impact of your ideas is having a real and profound impact on our lives. 

1. What will I learn about in Project PLAY?

You will learn about the different ways to boost daily PLAY with purpose and intention through education, community, resources and practice.

2. How much does Project Play cost?

It is an introductory price of $33/month. 
We are looking at options for an annual subscription to be available at a reduced monthly cost over the year.

3. When can I join?

The virtual doors will be opening soon and will remain open for one week. You can join the mailing list to find out the date.

After the one week open, the doors will close. 

You can join the waitlist to be first to know when the doors open again. 

4. What is included? 

* 1 x monthly The Daily Play Lists e-book via email

* Facebook community (Private group)

* Monthly masterclasses (activity demonstration by Erin)

* Q and A group opportunities with Erin 

5. What age group is Project PLAY for?

Project PLAY is designed for Mums with toddlers and preschoolers at home.

6. Do I need to buy the product each month?

Not at all!! Project PLAY is a membership designed for Mums use when it is needed. 

In saying that, each month The Daily Play Plans will change providing you with new learning, ideas and inspiration. One of the aims of Project PLAY is to boost daily play through continuity and consistency.

Once you stop purchasing The Daily Play Plans, your access to the membership content will cease including the FB community, although, I have a feeling that once you sign up, you will love the content and be keen to stay on  for as long as possible. 

7. What resources do I need?

Project Play is designed to use items that are found within in the home. However, some activities may require additional resources and there will be suggested stores to buy these from. 

8. What do I do at the end of the year when I have implemented all of The Daily Play Plans?

By the end of the year, there will be a Preschooler edition to follow on with because consistency and continuity is key.

Where to from here?

Project PLAY is based for Mums of early learners at home (toddlers and preschoolers).

With Project PLAY being just that – a project – the membership will evolve with the feedback provided by members so that it continues to best meet the needs of the community…so in the future it may look different to now. 

9. Do I have to complete The Daily Play Plan activity everyday?

There is a task allocated to each day, however, I know how busy and unpredictable motherhood can be, so the plan has been made with flexibility in mind, allowing for the activity to be tucked away for a more convenient time.