Daily Rhythm and Routine Cards


Do you feel the rhythm that comes with the beginning of a new year? The kind that has you embarking and adjusting to new rhythms and routines? Us too, along with so many other people.

Here we have created a set of editable cards to display your daily rhythm/routine for three different times of the day – morning, afternoon and evening on different days of the week, pending the location of home/school/daycare/prep/Pre K days.

The ideal way for both adults and their little learners to embrace the new rhythm and easily see what is working and not working. The best bit, this is editable…so it can be printed over again if needed and can be used as a digital view if you choose not to print it. If you choose to laminate it, you can use it with a whiteboard marker so it can be used over and over again. You can also personalise it with drawings, photos or stickers too.

A great way to practice making and following daily habits and nurture the flow of PLAY.



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