Our youngest has shown interest in sitting to complete an activity for a short time, so we have introduced a daily activity tub to them-so far just one tub for the week with a daily rotation. As our toddler grows with this concept, we will increase to the five daily tubs that we have shared with you earlier. The tub has been created by using activities that can be completed independently. Here is what we have included so far:

•a two piece puzzle set

•a DIY posting box-remember the yoghurt lids I was collecting? This is what we are using them for.

•a small ball

Three activities are plenty to encourage decision making and avoid toy overwhelm. The ball is an open ended and gross motor activity that can be used in a variety of ways, rolling, bouncing, throwing and kicking. The puzzles and posting box are a challenge for cognitive thinking and fine motor. The posting box is a DIY resource made with the yoghurt lids I had been collecting and an old Huggies baby wipes box. Our plan is to rotate these activities daily with some of these other activities:


•tool kit


•Little People figurines


•Wooden fruits and vegetables

Love this idea so much you want to try it? Ask any questions below, share your pics-id love to see them.