We know how busy motherhood can be and also how wonderful it can be to discover tips and tricks that help bring joy into the everyday PLAY routine, particularly when at home with little ones and even more so during times of lockdown.

With this all in mind, we are sharing four of our best tips that will have you totally rocking the motherhood PLAY gig.

Grab a notepad and a hot cuppa, ready to jot down your thoughts so you can take action as soon as you can.


Creating a routine is something we often hear and read about when discovering ideal ways to introduce something new to our lives. And there is good reason why – because following routines is our brains favourite way of learning, it brings flow to our days and fosters familiarity and comfort which little learners love to have in their day.


As with our brain loving routines, our brain is also more likely to take action on a task if it is written down. Powerful stuff, right? So, Mummas, write those ideas down!! This will help you in following your child’s lead and with high engagement in PLAY. If you are serious about bringing greater intention to PLAY in your everyday routine then you will love our daily PLAY planner…it is a place to record your play ideas, goals, achievement, milestones, gratitude, top priorities, to do list and so much more. You can grab yourself a free copy for limited time here when you subscribe to our mailing list.

daily PLAY plan


Setting up for PLAY, each morning, nap time, lunch break or evening (whichever works best for you), will help to establish a daily rhythm for both you and the little ones but it will also capture the attention of your little ones to engage in play. You may create an invitation or several in the playspace, pending on your daily routine and schedule. These invitations are ready to serve you and your little learners each and every time they are needed. One of our most recent invitation that had both our learners highly engaged was a story frame prompts inspired by Storiesofplay. Head on over to check it out for lots more ideas and inspiration on playful parenting.



It is so very easy to find yourself trawling the web for play room ideas and inspiration only to fall into the trap of wanting something that doesnt fit your life. When creating a playspace and play systems it is crucial to create something that works for you and the family. Yes sure, wanting something aesthetically pleasing, engaging and fun is important but something practical is a necessity.

And it wouldn’t be a true celebratePLAY blog if we didn’t share one more bonus tip with y’all.


Get in there and play!

PLAYmates, which tip resonates with you the most?
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