As we all know, helping our preschoolers recognise letters is an important step in their early literacy development. One way to make this learning process engaging and enjoyable is by focusing on the letters in their own names. By incorporating your child’s name into letter recognition activities, you can make learning feel personal and meaningful to them. Here are five simple and educational activities that you can try with your preschooler to help them recognize the letters in their name:1. Name TracingMaterials needed: Paper and writing utensilActivity: Write your child’s name on a piece of paper and encourage them to trace over the letters with their finger, a crayon, or a marker. As they trace each letter, have them say the letter out loud. This activity not only helps them recognize the letters in their name but also supports fine motor skill development.2. Alphabet HuntMaterials needed: Cut-out letters or alphabet magnetsActivity: Create a scavenger hunt using cut-out letters or alphabet magnets. Hide the letters of your child’s name around the house, and have your child go on a hunt to find them. As they find each letter, encourage them to say the letter out loud and match it to the letters in their name.3. Letter CollageMaterials needed: Magazines, newspapers, or old cards, glue, and paperActivity: Provide your child with a variety of materials and help them search for letters that make up their name. Let them cut out the letters and create a collage using the letters they found. This activity reinforces letter recognition while allowing for creativity and fine motor skill practice.4. Playdough LettersMaterials needed: PlaydoughActivity: Using playdough, help your child mold the letters of their name. As they roll and shape the playdough, encourage them to say the names of the letters and the sounds they make. This hands-on activity engages multiple senses and makes learning letters interactive and fun.5. Name PuzzleMaterials needed: Paper and writing utensilActivity: Write your child’s name on a piece of paper and cut it into individual letters. Mix up the letters and have your child put their name back together like a puzzle. This activity reinforces the order of the letters in their name and provides a tactile way to practice letter recognition.

6.Phoneme Bowling 

Materials needed: Ten pin bowling set, phoneme cards and ball. 
Activity:Pop phoneme ards from your child’s name onto the pins. Your child rolls the ball and when they knock down the pin/s they say the phoneme. When all pins are down, they make their name and say it aloud. 

7. Cloud Dough Discovery Tub
Materials needed: Cloud Dough, scoop, tub and alphabet letters.
Activity: Fill tub with cloud dough and put letters for your child’s name in the cloud dough. Your child uses the scoop to remove letters. They say the sound as they remove the letter. When all letters have been removed, they form their name.

These activities are not only educational but also simple and can be easily adapted to suit your child’s interests and learning style. By incorporating your child’s name into these activities, you can make letter recognition a personalized and enjoyable experience for them.I hope these activities bring fun and learning into your home as you support your child’s early literacy development. If you have any other creative activities to share, please feel free to leave a comment and inspire other members of our community.Happy learning!

Erin xx