‘Create a space that fits your life

Over at Celebrate Play HQ, we strongly believe it is important to “Create a space that fits your life”. Why? Because the space we live in has a remarkable influence on us…it nurtures relationships and connections, creates ambience, persuades our moods and in some cases even provides us with a sense of belonging.

In the early years, children often spend time playing and learning in a playspace – whether this be a dedicated playroom, corner in the home or the nursery. And like us, they are influenced by the space they live in. So how does one go about creating a space that fits their life? How does one create an inviting playspace in a small area? All you need is a plan with a spot of creativity and a sprinkling of personal touches. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Declutter and minimalise-think open ended toys, toys that are versatile and can be used in multiple ways and provide a variety of skills eg. blocks-can become anything in creative play, can be used for building and fit into containers that stack. Set yourself up with the ‘one toy in, one toy out rule’ as a way to maintain minimalism.

2. Storage solutions-what offers the maximum storage, provides easy access but isnt cumbersome in the playspace. For us it is cube storage because it fits in a variety of rooms, can be changed easily to match room decor should we rearrange the furniture, can be used upright or on its side etc.

3. By using play items as room decor you can save on space (less clutter) and add a pop of colour to create an inviting space to play in.

4. If you are short on space and find it difficult to fit everything in one room, can you create small play learning stations in a variety of rooms. This system can provide the users with a change of scenery and spread the play resources throughout the home making adequate space for play in each area.

5. When choosing furniture for a small playspace, finding the right shape and size is important along with versatility eg. fits in a variety of places to be used to accommodate the multiple needs of family as they change.

6. Adequate light can make the smallest of rooms feel and look much bigger than they are. Can you open up your playspace and let in more natural light.

7. Items such as wallhanging magazine racks, baskets, shelves, cube storage, stackable containers (Sistema Utility trays are our fav), peg boards, wall picture rails and book stands are great ways to utilise space as they can hold multiple toys and stationery.

Have a specific question for your playspace? Pop up a picture with a brief description and/or question in the comments.

Please don’t try all of these ideas, especially if you instinctively know it isn’t going to work in your home. The best way to find inspiration is by trying ideas that you are confident will work in your play space which will vary from mum to mum and home to home.

Have a small playspace to share-we would love go see it.