…so during lockdown our Connetix tile collection has been an all time favourite resource to play with. Whether it be in creating structures, enclosures, frames or something totally different, these colourful magnetic squares continue to be a source of great joy!

Today I am going to share with you 6 ways we have been playing and learning with our Connetix tiles with the aim of inspiring your PLAY! During lockdown I had the incredible opportunity to work with the Connetix team as a brand rep. We were gifted a pastel Creative Pack which has been the source of great fun. The pastel set combined with the Rainbow Starter pack and Ball Run set that we already owned has given us a fabulous collection to start with and has generated new ideas to share with you, although the images are older. We have a mix of adult led and child led ideas because these tile collections are used by the whole family.

3D STRUCTURES – simple prompts such as starting a structure but not finishing it gives learners the opportunity to continue the build with a structure that is multi dimensional.

ENCLOSURES – are your learners small world PLAY lovers or in the enclosure schema? If so, creating enclosures for animal or people figurines is a great way to extend their knowledge, make connections and explore their creativity.

CASTLES – when I think of magnetic tile collection in playrooms, I envisage these beautiful large structures of castles with triangles across the top…you too? Castles were one of the first things we tried with our recent gifted set of pastel connetix tiles. Another structure that involves the use of problem solving, spatial awareness, balance, fine motor and gross motor skills along with creativity.

THINKING OUT OF THE BOX IDEAS – did you know you can use markers on magnetic tiles? This little tip opens up the world to how these tiles can be used…alphabet tiles, number lines, decodable words, grammar games, number games, word games, daily affirmations, scavenger hunt clues, frames for artworks, name building, colour and shape hunts, posting boxes…the list is endless.

BALL RUNS – if you have the ball run set, ball runs are an epic way to use the connetix tiles…branching out into the learning areas of Science whilst promoting a multitude of other early learning skills eg, fine motor, language development, extending vocabulary etc

OUTDOOR PLAY – these colourful squares have been in the great outdoors with our learners discovering what is magnetic and observing the light refraction as the sunlight shines onto the tiles.

Disclaimer – this blog has been written by choice sharing a resource we love and has used images taken prior to the Connetix brand rep team term beginning.

Which idea do you think you will try first? Be sure to tag #celebrateplay if you are on Insta to be featured in our stories! I love seeing what you create in PLAY!