Chalk Talk is the strategic system we have created for us to boost play and learning in our home.

  • It is a great way to jazz up the traditional homework learning!
  • It involves a catchy name for the ordinarily mundane daily tasks = higher motivation, PLAY based Learning experiences because what better way to learn!
  • Learning experiences are based on the skills and knowledge, area/s for improvement for my little learners and is designed to boost their understanding using evidence-based resources.

Whilst there isn’t anything fancy about where we do Chalk Talk (ahemm…it is on our dining table), the actual set up of PLAY is all strategy – from Invitation to PLAY, to short, sharp and focused tasks, with easy set up and pack away routines, the same style of set up each week and resources rotated weekly. This system is designed for our learners to feel success, high engagement, and opportunities to better understanding their learning all, whilst fitting in with our daily rhythm of home, family, motherhood.




So, what this looks like is usually 4-5 play based learning activities on the table focusing on a mix of knowledge and skills found in the weekly school homework and interests I observe.

These play-based learning experiences I use include a mix of hands-on resources with many coming from my favourite teaching authors. You can find a link to their websites here:

Mrs Learning Bee

Stay Classy Classrooms

Mrs Chalmers Cherubs

The reason I use these resources specifically are because they are evidence based on the ways in which children learn particular knowledge and skills best. Not to mention, I love to support small business.

The play-based learning experiences are set up as an Invitation to PLAY – an intentional arrangement designed to invite the learner to engage in play.

The resources are presented in an interesting way, sometimes with the experience already started, sometimes not, sometimes with a written prompt to provoke thought and action, often placed beautifully so that it gains the attention of the learners. The aim is for learners to feel drawn to this experience that has been purposefully created for them, knowing what their knowledge skills and interests are, so they can discover and explore.


If you are interested in learning more about Invitation to Play, I invite you to join my free 7 day Invitation to Play Challenge HERE.


If you are looking for ongoing learning in this area and more, come and join me in the Project Play Membership where I coach you in boosting daily play in your home with ease, confidence and joy.


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