Let me share a little secret with you – a warm bubble bath is one of my go-to activities to distract a cranky toddler or bored preschooler. Here are ten activities to make bath time fun:

1. BATH CRAYONS – we purchased ours from Target-Munchkin brand. We write letters, numbers, words and complete drawings with them.

2. ALPHABET HUNT – magnetic foam letters, also purchased at Target and the Munchkin brand

3. BUBBLE BUILDING – collect bubbles in the water using hands and attempt to stack them on top of each other

4. BATH PAINT – have you tried making your very own bath paint. Check out this recipe to try

5. SPONGE TOWERS – cut strips of sponges and fill with water. Carefully stack them on top of each to create a tower. Be careful to squeeze the water out and store out of children’s reach while not in use.

6. WATER BALLOONS – fill up a couple of small water balloons and roll them in the bath water.

7. ICE FISHING – prepare ice in an ice cube tray ahead of time and add to the bath water. Show and discuss the melting process with children

8. SINGING – sing songs whilst in the bath-bath songs, water songs or simply your fav songs

9. FOAM SHAPES – purchase some foam and cut into a variety of shapes. Stick them to the bath wall.

10. BATH SALTS – fill the bath with bath salts and watch the process. As with any water activity – please ensure children are supervised at all times.