...so who here has children that prefer to play with the kitchen pots and pans, the packaging from your latest online shopping order or any other general household item? Here are our top 8 non-toy play ideas:

1. Pots and Pans – building towers, musical instruments, filling and emptying

2. Utensils – mixing, scooping, pouring etc

3. Photo Albums – pop together a collection of photos into an album for your children to look at

4. Books – a reading nook with a few books is a lovely way to enjoy reading.

5. Cardboard Boxes – so many ideas to be had here – check out our blog

6. Craft supplies – an array of craft supplies to be used to create artworks.

7. Outings – visit the library, local museum, zoo, farm, park etc

8. Subscription Boxes – boxes filled with activities usually based on themes mailed to your household.

What ideas would you add to our list? Pop them in the comments.