Bean Bags are a favourite resource in celebrateplay HQ- they are so versatile in what they offer within the realm of play. Did you know they encourage learning such as:

•cognitive function

•balance and coordination


•gross and fine motor skills

Ahh-mazing right? 

…so I thought it would be fun to share with you our top 10 bean bag play ideas that you need to try::

1. BEAN BAG TOSS-tossing the bean bag up and down focusing on catching skills.

2. BEAN BAG BALANCE-putting the bean bag on a head and moving focusing on balance.

3. BEAN BAG PASS-pass the bean bag to music focusing on rhythm.

4. HIDE THE BEAN BAG-hide the bean bag in different locations and search for it.

5. BEAN BAG TIC TAC TOE-create a traditional tic tac toe frame using tape. Using two different coloured bean bags aim to get three in a row.

6. BEAN BAG RELAYS-run on a set path and pass the bean bag to the next person for them to repeat.

7. BEAN BAG TARGET-throw the bean bag at a specific spot.

8. BEAN BAG PLATE TOSS-toss the bean bag so it lands on the paper plate

9. BEAN BAG TOSS WITH FRIENDS-toss the bean bag amongst friends.

10. BEAN BAG HOPSCOTCH-create a traditional hopscotch grid and toss the bean bag on a numbered square. Complete the hopping and jumping sequence as normal but aim to pick up the bean bag along the way.

Our bean bags were bought from Educational Experience online store.

What games or activities would you get up to with bean bags?